Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR Pea - Heirloom - Non GMO - 24 grams - 100+ seeds - Free Shipping

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Spring 2021 Seed Sale! All seeds 10% off for a limited time. Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR Pea Seeds Heirloom - Non GMO Maturity 49 days. Early Contender Bean starts producing nearly a week before most varieties. Bears 6-8" stringless pods and nothing stops it. Tolerates mosaic virus, greasy pod and heat. Cooks up tender, cans and freezes with no loss of quality. Medium green pods, light tan seed. Seeds Per Package: 24 grams - 100+ seeds All seeds are packaged in a zip sealed baggie which can be used to store them long term. All seeds will be shipped USPS First Class in a small padded envelope.