Dark Green Italian Flat Leaf Parsley - Heirloom - Non GMO - .5 grams - 300+ seeds - Free Shipping

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Spring 2021 Seed Sale! All seeds 10% off for a limited time. Dark Green Italian Flat Leaf Parsley Seeds Heirloom - Non GMO Maturity 40-60 days. Hardy Italian parsley herbs bloom from late spring to mid-to-late summer as an annual—producing peppery serrated forest-green leaves. As a biennial, parsley reaches maturity in its second year, losing much of its verdant flavor, but standing as a fresh ornamental herb that brings beneficial pollinators to your garden. Seeds Per Package: .5 grams - 300+ seeds All seeds are packaged in a zip sealed baggie which can be used to store them long term. All seeds will be shipped USPS First Class in a small padded envelope.