October Quarterly

Okay folks, submissions are still open, but the October Odd Tree Press Quarterly is filled. It will feature eighteen short stories for a total of over 40,000 word. We’ve also acquired the rights to five terrific works of Halloween themed art. One will be used for the cover and the other four will be interior illustrations.

To those who’ve submitted and have not heard from us, thank you for your patience and you will be contacted. We are still buying stories to fill the 2016 quarterlies, so keep sending us those stories.

Submission Guidelines

We will also be announcing open submissions for anthologies soon.

Quarterly Update

Thanks go out for the patience exhibited by all the authors who submitted work. Thanks also to the small staff who are helping me work through them all. Several authors have been contacted already and the rest of the submitters will be contacted within the next few days.

I have started acquiring stories. I’m super excited about the ones I’ve chosen so far. I have a new editor to help me with final editing. I’ve also sent all the graphics work out to a very talented artist. This means new graphics for the website and new covers for the quarterly and for my own titles. I will be doing a few cover reveals here soon.

If you are just finding out that we are back in business, you can check out the updates to our submissions guidelines here:






I’d like to apologize to all everyone. Due to a family illness, I’ve had to set back the publication date for the Odd Tree Press Quarterly. To all those Authors who submitted a story and still want to be a part of it, I will be going back over the submissions in the next few days. I will send emails to the top authors. To the authors who withdrew stories. I’m sorry to have wasted your time and I wish you success with your stories.

Updated submission guidelines are here: Submissions

The first Odd Tree Press Quarterly will be published on October 1st, 2015.

To those who joined the newsletter. You will receive it soon, along with your free story. I apologize for the delay.

Things are settling down now and my Father is doing well after his massive stroke last October. I thank you all for your patience and kind words. I’m looking forward to a bright future for us all.

Anthology Update

The Stories on the Go anthology is now ranked #79 free Kindle Store. That means that we are in the top 100 of all free Kindle downloads:) It is also #1 in fiction and lit fiction anthologies. This is hugely exciting to me:) 101 authors all happy to be in the same book took some serious team work. Congratulations to all the authors. This never could have happened without the hard work and dedication of a handful of great people. You all know who you are. Thanks:)

I just have to mention one name. And no it’s not Hugh, as everyone knows that I’m a huge fan
of his writing by now. The person who did the most on this project was our editor Andrew
Ashling. He probably logged thousands of work hours on this and he is a talented writer and
editor. Thanks Andrew)

Stories On The Go


Also available free at Barnes & Nobles and Kobo:

Barnes & Nobles


One of my stories is included in this anthology. There are several good authors in it, including a few famous ones such as Hugh Howey, author of the wildly successful Silo Series. This thing looks amazing and has something for everyone. Multiple genres are included. The best part is that it is completely free on Amazon for Kindles and Kindle free apps. It is also available for free on Kobo & Nook readers. So you can read it free on any device. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the works of some very talented writers. And did I mention that it’s free:)

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