Odd Tree Quarterly

October 2015 Issue is Available Now!

We are still taking submissions and buying stories for the 2016 Quarterlies. So, keep sending in those stories!

Odd Tree Quarterly features new and talented writers and artists in the speculative fiction genres. Especially focused on horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Typical issues will feature:

  • Flash Fiction/Short Stories
  • Original Art
  • Essays
  • Interviews

Each quarterly issue is available in Print, Epub, PDF, mobi, and Kindle formats.

All digital formats of the first issue will be .99 cents per copy until 10-31-15, at which time it will go to $2.99 per digital copy. All subsequent issues will be $2.99 per digital copy. Print copy prices will be announced with the release of each copy. The print copy for the Oct issue is available for $5.99 per copy through Amazon.

The first issue will be available on October 1st 2015.

Opportunities to get paid for your work.

If  you are a writer or an artist and would like your work featured in Odd Tree Press Quarterly, then visit our submission page. If your work is selected we will pay you and give you free copies of the quarterly.

Odd Tree Press Quarterly Submissions